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HydraFlex™ Draper

  • Harvest crops as close as possible to the ground with the HydraFlex™ cutterbar
  • Minimize grain loss with a two-speed center feed section
  • Enable higher harvesting speed without sacrificing cut quality with a 4” double cut, dual drive, shaft driven cutterbar
  • Get more done by eliminating header calibrations

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Increase grain in the tank with a two-speed center feed section. A slow-speed setting softens the impact of crop fingers and drum flighting when engaging with crop. This ensures that easy-shelling crops like lentils and soybeans do not get thrown over the feederhouse. Use the high-speed setting in canola or high-yielding cereals to prevent slug feeding while ensuring that the drum does not plug.

  • Experience less downtime during harvest related to unplugging the header, which will allow for more harvesting time at the highest productivity levels.
  • Higher feed drum torque is matched to the capacity of the combine to ensure optimal feed rates into the combine. Higher torque on the front feed drum will allow operators to confidently harvest tough feeding crops like canola.
  • Additionally, prevent underfeeding in light crops with the center crop flow divider. When not harvesting crop with the full width of the draper, the center crop flow divider prevents crop from skipping over the center feed section and going on the opposite draper belt.
Toolless shifting on the gearcase Toolless shifting on the gearcase
Toolless shifting on the gearcase Toolless shifting on the gearcase
Center crop flow divider Center crop flow divider
Additional details
  • The two-speed center feed section maintains a consistent ratio between the feed drum and center feed belt speed.
  • Change center feed section speed with a toolless, two-speed, easy-shift handle on the gearcase to the left of the draper feederhouse opening.
Two-speed center feed section (A is pulled out and B is pushed in) Two-speed center feed section (A is pulled out and B is pushed in)
  1. Feed  drum gearbox
  2. Center feed drive shaft
  3. Knife drive shaft
  4. Center feed speed control
  5. Oil check
  6. Main gearbox
  7. Center belt gearbox
  8. Oil check


Low speed

High speed

Feed drum

200 rpm

240 rpm

Center feed belt

1000 rpm

1200 rpm





Feed drum torque

1650 Nm (1217 lb-ft)

2860 Nm (2109.4 lb-ft)

Center belt width

177.8 cm (70 in.)

200.9 cm (79.1 in.)


Appropriately set feed drum height for varying crops during harvest with the RDF dual-position feed drum.

Feed drum and floor Feed drum and floor
Retractable feed drum fingers Retractable feed drum fingers
Feed drum controls and slip clutch Feed drum controls and slip clutch
  • In some crop conditions, the crop can hesitate at the corners of the feed drum, and the retractable drum fingers keep the crop moving into the combine.
  • Increase uptime through a high-wear life and durable stainless-steel feed floor.
  • The dual-position drums allow the operator to select an upper or lower setting of the drum, creating the gap of a 40.6-cm (16-in.) drum and a 35.6-cm (14-in) drum, respectively.
Additional details
  • The feed drum can be positioned in the lower position, creating the traditional feeding gap, or can be raised to the upper position, increasing the feeding gap by 2.54-cm (1-in.), the equivalent of a 35.6-cm (14-in.) feed drum gap.
  • For bushy crops, such as canola, put the drum in the upper position.
  • RDF feed drum slip-clutch torque is 1600 Nm (1180 lb-ft).
Connected Support technology Connected Support technology

When you buy John Deere equipment, you expect reliability. You also know that problems can happen, and a product is only as good as the support behind it. That’s why John Deere equipment is prepared with technology that senses potential issues and can alert you and your dealer promptly—in the cab or anywhere you are.

John Deere Connected Support is a revolutionary change to support that leverages technology and the connectivity of JDLink™ telematics to prevent downtime and resolve problems faster. These tools decrease downtime by an average of 20 percent, enabling faster responses to unexpected problems and reducing technician trips to your machine. For some issues, unplanned downtime can even be prevented altogether through prediction of the issue.

With your permission, John Deere Connected Support:

  • Keeps you running by monitoring machine health and promptly alerting you and your dealer of issues
  • Saves time by remotely viewing in-cab displays, reducing trips to the machine
  • Reduces or even eliminates technician trips to a machine through remote diagnostic and remote software reprogramming capabilities
  • Connects experts with the information needed to respond to downtime faster and prevent it altogether

With more than a decade of experience leveraging connectivity to solve problems, no one else has the experience, tools, and knowledge to keep you running as John Deere and your John Deere dealer can. Connected Support is an in-base feature on all John Deere products with factory- or field-installed JDLink.


Achieve superior ground following when harvesting in a wide range of terrains, crops, and conditions with RDF HydraFlex Draper Platforms. HydraFlex is an industry-exclusive hydraulic float system.

HydraFlex draper system floats with the terrain HydraFlex draper system floats with the terrain
  • Float closely to the ground over changing conditions by controlling the cutterbar ground pressure from the cab – simply adjust the armrest knob to vary hydraulic pressure in the float arm hydraulic cylinders.
Hydraulic float arm Hydraulic float arm
Adjust ground pressure by changing hydraulic pressure in the float arm cylinders Adjust ground pressure by changing hydraulic pressure in the float arm cylinders
Additional details
  • The hydraulic float system features a 19-cm (7.5-in.) float range.
  • To lock out the HydraFlex draper into rigid mode, the operator should increase the float pressure to maximum

Help bushy crops, especially heavy canola, feed evenly into the feederhouse with an optional 45.7-cm (18-in.) top auger extending the full width of the draper.

RDF top auger RDF top auger
  • With the crop tucked under the auger, the handoff to the center feed drum enables smooth and consistent feeding to the combine to ensure constant load.
  • Achieve smooth headfirst feeding when auger speeds are running slightly faster than the belt speed.
Additional details
  • This optional 45.7-cm (18-in.) hydraulically driven top auger has an easy speed adjustment at the right side of the platform.
  • It is recommended for operation in bushy or high-volume harvesting conditions such as canola.
  • Augers can be turned off for crops like lentils or wheat where they are not recommended.


Key Specs rd40f-hydraflex-draper
Current Model
Cutterbar length12.19 m
40 ft
Knife driveDouble-cut, dual-drive, shaft-driven cutterbar: 10.2 cm
4 in.
Knife speedX Series Combine: 520 cycles/min
S-Series Combine: 490 cycles/min
Pickup reel operating speeds6-70 rpm
Draper belts speed controlHydraulic from cab (side belts only)
TypeStraight-line knife drive system
Cutterbar vertical flex: 190 mm
7.5 in.
Length12.19 m
40 ft
Knife driveDouble-cut, dual-drive, shaft-driven cutterbar: 10.2 cm
4 in.
Knife speedX Series Combine: 520 cycles/min
S-Series Combine: 490 cycles/min
Cutterbar tilt
Pickup reel
Number of slatsSix bat poly
Diameter106.7 cm
42 in.
Height controlHydraulic
Speed controlHydraulic
Reel lift72 cm
28.3 in.
Reel fore and aft35.9 cm
14.1 in.
Fore of the cutterbar: 40.6 cm
16 in.
Reel resumeBase
Reel reverseBase
Operating speeds6-70 rpm
Operating speeds (54-in. reel)
Slat reel
Number of slats
Height control
Speed control
Operating speeds
Draper belts
WidthSide belts: 101.6 cm
40 in.
Center belts: 177.6 cm
70 in.
Belt depth101.2 cm
39.8 in.
Cleat height19.05 mm
0.75 in.
Operating speedSide belts (variable): 1-3.5 m/s
3.3-11.5 fps
Center belts: 211 m/min
692 fpm
Low-speed center belt (fixed): 4.2 m/s
13.8 ft
High-speed center belt (fixed): 5.1 m/s
16.7 fps
Speed controlHydraulic from cab (side belts only)
Center belt reverseBase
Feed drum
Diameter414 mm
16.3 in.
Feed drum fingersHeavy-duty and round with breakaway notch and retainer
Diameter: 16 mm
0.625 in.
Number of fingers21
Auger finger platformTriple chevron, retracting
Finger reach152 mm
6 in.
Drum/auger reverseBase
Operating speedLow speed: 200 rpm
High speed: 240 rpm
Center clean out doorBase
Header height sensing
Header height sensing on the groundBase
Header height sensing off the groundOptional: four sensors
Auxiliary top auger
TypeOptional: hydraulic drive
Fingered augers
Size45.7 cm
18 in.
Platform length13.1 m
43 ft
Overall operating depthWith dividers: 2.74 m
9 ft
Transport width, field position13.1 m
43 ft
Transport width on wheel, less dividers
Transport length, hitch extended

Accessories and Attachments


Float Arm Reinforcement Kit - 749AHBXE11164

Side Knife Kit - Left - 749AH5ZN16670

Side Knife Kit - Right - 749AH5ZN16660

Single Drive Kit - 749AH5ZN16290



Grain Saver Deflector 40 Ft. - 749AHBXE11271

Tall Crop Divider Rod - 749AHKXE10764


12 Inch Top Crop Conveying Auger - 749AHBXE10763

18 Inch Top Crop Conveying Auger - 749AHBXE11123

Reel Flip-Over Bundle for 640/740FD (Model Year 2016 or newer) and 645/745FD (Model Year 2015 or newer) - 749AHBXE10761

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