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Remote Display Access

Dealer Support in Near Real Time.

Distance is no longer a barrier with Remote Display Access. With your consent, this advanced solution enables technicians to remotely connect to the display in your cab to help you make near real-time adjustments to optimize your machine for changing conditions or to troubleshoot potential issues.

How It Works

To enable Remote Display Access, your machine must be factory-equipped or field-installed with the following:
  • Gen 4 or GreenStarTM 3 (GS3) 2630 Displays
  • JDLinkTM 4G MTG or other MTG with active service
  • Ethernet Cable

Support Questions?

Call or Text Your Location

Crookston: (701) 484-4090

Hunter: (701) 380-5585

Galesburg: (701) 203-9566

Jamestown: (701) 809-9070

Hillsboro: (701) 380-4253

Valley City: (701) 809-9242

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