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RTK Network

Together, We've Got You Covered.

Valley Plains Equipment currently has 34 towers up and running throughout our six locations. This provides RTK signal covering roughly 9+ million acres!

Benefits of RTK Signal:

  • +/- 1 inch accuracy within a 12 mile radius from base station
  • Eliminate signal drifting
  • Year-to-year repeatability: travel the same guidance lines year after year

Applications of RTK Signal:

  • Guidance: AutoTrac, iTec Pro
  • Section control: Swath Control Pro/Section Control, RowCommand
  • Controlled-traffic: Prevent and eliminate soil compaction
  • Controlled-application: Strip tillage/planting, side-dressing
  • Water management: Surface Water Pro, Surface Water Pro Plus, iGrade
  • Documentation: Field boundaries, elevation recordings, coverage mapping

Stop in and visit with one of our salesman or AMS Consultants to see if you're covered by one of our existing towers. We're continually evaluating our current coverage to determine the best RTK signal for our customers; contact us to discuss possibilities of establishing a base station in your local area.

Interactive RTK Base Station Map:

View RTK Map in a larger map

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